Wednesday, December 22, 2021

2021 & Life

 I began 2021 with a high. Because of change in the role, I was looking forward to work in that role. Thinking of months of 2021, these got flashed. 

January: Travelled to Gujarat, Kutch. 

February: Visited Karnataka

March: Visited Barmer

April: Lockdown. Dyu left. 

May: Dad got COVID. Later whole family got affected. 

June: Last month at Sirohi

July: Relocated to Jaipur 

August: Visited Uttarakhand. Andy Passed away

September: Visited Dhamtari

October: Celebrated Anjali's birthday.

November: Attended PoE. Made a lot of new friends. 

December: Visited Uttarkashi, met Vikas, Visited Udupi

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