Friday, December 17, 2021

Books- Book Haul at Akshara Books

 After nearly 3 years, I visited Akshara books again. Harry had some meeting. He dropped me mid way and I reached the book shop. Away from the hustle bustle of vehicles and honks, this place is situated inside the Journalist colony road. One can easily spot the glass walled Akshara Books. They've rearranged the shelves and it's easy to explore a lot of  books. Looking through the shelves, I found a lot of Telugu poetry books and some of the titles which I'd like to try. Sasi Deshpande's novel and other books. 

They were opening the new stock and I had a look, I was tempted to buy a lot of books. Maya Angelou's Why caged bird sings, other biographies and memoirs. But, I stopped myself. I couldn't stop myself buying Brene Brown's new book Atlast of Heart.  Once I billed the books, the shop owner offered me books which may be helpful to our foundation. I agreed to take 15 copies of quiz books. Later, they offered me a whole set of Penguin classics for me. "Please select and take the books you like," she offered. 

At the end, they offered me 2 boxes of books, while I was busy buying some more poetry books. I'm grateful to receive this many books from Akshara. "We'd feel happy, if these books can find readers," she shared her thoughts, "we feel bad to sell these books to scrap.

It's sad to see that books do not have readers. Hardly people read books and also, many buy through Amazon. I'm glad we've Akshara in the city, an individual book shop which has beautiful collections of books. I suggest everyone to pay a visit if they're in the city. 

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