Friday, December 17, 2021

Friends- Lunch at Jaya’s Home

Only Bala has the skill of sleeping despite having a blaring alarm aside. Planning of a good sleep, I got all his phones beside me to stop the alarm at first ring itself. Thanks to silent option, he couldn’t answer any of his calls till 11 am in the morning. Jaya invited for a lunch at his home. Vikas is leaving to Bangalore to return after a week. Still, we gathered for the lunch. Over a lot of chicken, Keema and Biryani, Jaya, Sunny, Vikas, Bala and I shared our conversations. Talking of the time we spent in college, we could acknowledge how tough is it to gather like the old times. We talked of all the pals, wondering who’s going to get married first and who all can make to the weddings. Woah, we’re already talking about weddings and partners. Signs of adulting!

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