Sunday, December 19, 2021

Friends- Ass in town

Vikas left India in 2017 and returned to India in December 2021. Vikas is one person whom I shared a lot of memories with and very dear friend. I was never expressive of his presence but, his absence made me pen a few words. 

I missed him. I tried to stay in connection knowing what's happening at his end. I failed to be there whenever he needed but, he was always there for a conversation.

Frustrated I was, a lot of times and he was always there listening to me. I always wanted to catch up with him. There's nothing much to talk to him but, love to spend time with him, walk with him, ride a bike with him. These are the experiences I cherish. 

Vikas is visiting India after 4 long years. He is staying for more than 2 months. He's trying to spend time with his family as well with us, friends. The ass, I know has changed and evolved in many ways. I was elated to see him and he took his own time to feel home at India. 

At first, we met at Bala's place. Next day, he shifted to a hotel, finding it difficult to fit in. The next day, Shyam, Bala, Vikas, Naveen, Shanmukh and other friend attended Sunny's brother's reception. 

Together we attended Chinmay anna's engagement as well as Vineel's wedding. 

A few days, he left to Australia. I remember the conversations we have sitting together. 

I was talking about destinations, he was talking about journey. From being the careless teens, we've grown all along, trying to listen to each other and being there, failing at times and continuing the conversations. Grateful for the friendship. 

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