Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Anshu- Imaginative in her ways

Two-year-old nephew, Anshu plays joyfully at home. Whenever she is joined by her brother, there's a lot of ruckus at home. Whenever she's alone, she is contended with everything she gets and plays with it. No matter what artefacts she gets, she tries feeding them, selling them and do all the things she witnesses around her. 

Whenever she interacts with others, she often beats and tells them to cry. Two year old but, she has faced a lot of her mom's anger. She often cries, thanks to her mom's punishments. This little kid wants to know how it feels to make others cry.

I don't need to give her some fancy toys. Give her anything, she can play with them all. Good for her parents. They don't need to squander money on fancy toys. 


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