Sunday, May 23, 2021

Movie- 99 songs

Enthralling. With appealing visuals and uplifting music, 99 songs, a master piece has been created by A.R and team. Great work team. I enjoyed the story line. I had my own apprehensions. Will it be too idealistic? Will it be too dramatic? All my doubts were shattered by the brilliant story and screen play. 

With A.R songs, he never compromises to deliver the songs that share story by it selves. However, in the movie, the songs are used as per the need. The full length songs are not used in the movie. Highly watchable. 

In the movie, the way the protagonist takes up the 100 songs project is triggered from muse's love and it ends with mother's love. The way there's music in his life right from the beginning gives a proper ending. Also, the contextualizing of the illusions with psychosis is convincing. I enjoyed it. 

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