Monday, May 17, 2021

Stories from Home- Grand Ma's food

 It's been ages since I stayed home for a long time in my aunt's house. Grand ma's took over the kitchen as aunt needs the help. Everyone got their own style of cooking at house. The same dal tastes different when mom makes and Grand ma makes. I'm not here to compare and give the best tag. I enjoy everyone's food. After the Rajasthan stint, I appreciate food in a better way and I seldom complain and ask for more. Grand ma remembers my young self who had a lot of particulars in eating food. Now, whenever I come to the dining table, she asks, "I made dal, rasam and a curry. Hope you like it." Again, she says, "I couldn't make this as I didn't get time."

Looking at the dining table filled with a lot of dishes, I feel privileged and say, "You don't need to make this many. it's fine." 

Everyday, it's the same routine. She apologizes for all the food she makes thinking it's less. I feel grateful, privileged to eat this much of food and often say, "The food is great. I loved it."

Thinking of my child self, I remember how troublesome and stubborn I was at eating food. Glad I learnt about food and the effort all the people go through to bring it onto the table. 

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