Saturday, May 15, 2021

Movie- The Great Indian Kitchen

A life of a married couple with a kitchen backdrop. Through the mundane reels, the movie depicts the nasty patriarchy that's prevailing through our great Indian kitchens. The wife tries her best to fit into the new house, following the usual customs. Everyone takes her for granted and also the arduous work, she takes up daily. 

Through engaging screen play, we can see how the wife gives it back to the egoistic husband and prideful father in law.  In this movie, there are a few female characters that bear the torch of patriarchy and oppression.  The mother in law walks away to serve her daughter. 

In this movie, there's a little girl who brings milk daily home. One week in month, she puts it outside and does not enter home. She's unaware of what's happening but, the conversation between the female protagonist and the little girl shows how natural is to care while the husband ignores her in day light but, teaches young children about family, customs and more knowledge. 

Highly watchable. 

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