Thursday, May 13, 2021

A Friendly Conversation Over a Flight

 Staying at Rajasthan, it takes 2 hours to fly down to home. In the course of two hours, I like reading books or journaling. This time, I got my journal and book, Why we sleep.  Being on the flights frequently, I know the pattern. First, air hostess' announcements, take off, a little waiting time and air hostesses are back on work, providing food, a little silent time, collect the trash and finally land. 

In the course of all these tasks, I put on my headphones and went on to write a little bit and then sketch. One of the airhostess, Sameera (Changed name) was curious watching me write and then sketch. 

"Do you draw?" She leaned and look into my journal. I removed my headphones and allowed her to look into my drawings. 

"What kind of drawings do you do?" She enquired.

"I do abstract drawing. I keep playing with lines."

"You were writing before. Right?"

"Yeah. I keep writing my thoughts." I shrugged and waited to see if she's further interested in my activities. 

"It's nice that you write and keep doing what you want." she complemented. 

Interested in both of our stories, "What do you love to do?" I asked. 

Sameera shared her story. Both of us went on sharing what's happening in our lives. Stories flowed and very easily, we poured out what's bothering us. I was touched by the way she walked in and appreciated the work I was doing. Thanks Sameera for your warmth words. Had a great time sharing a word with you. 

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