Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Soliloquy- The Roza Times

 Soon after Azhar left the house on 3rd May, he assumed, I'd break the roza and get on with my usual diet. I took upon the roza as an experiment.  I've never fasted in my life. I wanted to try out if I can keep up with the fast. I wanted to experience on how others feel when they're hungry. This is my 7th day of roza.  I realized that roza is more than mere fasting. As I do not have to think of food, I'm able to focus on whatever I'm doing. I feel a bit hungry now but, I'm more focused. I do not want to do anything in a distracted fashion. I feel to write more, reflect more rather than get onto distractions to kill time. I deprived myself from reading to not escape into books, stories. I'm trying to make a few conversations with the loved ones and reflect more on what I feel now.  

I'm confident that I'd keep up with this till Eid. 

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