Monday, May 17, 2021

Soliloquies- Stay Bored

I had no mood to do anything. I tried reading a book. I couldn't focus. I knew that I wasn't feeling to read a book. I tried watching a movie. I knew, I'm not into it. I was pushing myself to do something or the other rather than stay silent. I felt worse when I fiddled with phone every five ten minutes, as I wanted to indulge myself in something or the other. Defeated by the boredom I had, I sat on a swinging chair observing the chains. I  realized that I was trying to escape and I didn’t want to escape. I want to embrace the boredom. Let me be bored.  I told myself and stayed silent. 

Why do I have to be productive always? I don’t need to be frustrated for being bored. I can be in the  boredom and just be bored.

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