Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Traveling during COVID Times

 As the family turned COVID Positive. Sister suggested me to fly down to home. A month in Lockdown at Rajasthan. I had to follow a few protocols. I got RT-PCR test done. Booked the tickets to Hyderabad but, flights got cancelled in the last moment. I had to change the destination to Bangalore and book the flight. Planning to travel safely, I booked the cab from Bangalore to Kadapa via Goibibo. Before I board the flight, I was asked if I had e-pass to travel interstate. I was told about the process. I signed up and applied the e-pass and pushed to police through twitter to fasten the process. No sooner  I boarded the flight, than Goibibo had cancelled my cab as I do not have an approved e-pass. 

Quickly, I updated my status and reached out to a few friends to seek help to travel from Bangalore to Kadapa. Most of my friends were ready to help and spread the word to help me in anyway possible. Through various leads, I found a cab who was ready to drop me at home despite not having an e-pass. I was up for the game as I didn't had any other alternative. I applied for the documents but, it was still in the process. 

Imran and other person got their Etios Toyota. While I ate my packed food, they revved the engine and sped through the highways. Just near the border, we took a right turn and got into villages. Through Kadiri, Pulivendula, we reached Kadapa. 

Enroute, car was changed as the car we boarded was an white plated car. "Yellow plated cars get ceased immediately." Imran explained, "That's why we do not use them. Here we change them." We got the luggage out and got shifted in another. Through deserted roads and scenic views, we travelled for five hours and reached home safe. 

Both Imran and the other driver weren't wearing the mask properly. That put me at unease. Except for that, I had a good time travelling through these tough times and reach the home safely. I was touched when all my friends reached out to me to help and do their bit. Thanks everyone. 

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