Thursday, April 8, 2021

Gratitude Tales- Fragrances and friendship

Whenever I walk into Geetika's beautiful room, I enjoy the scented candles, sweet aroma and pleasant vibes. Geetika by acknowledging my fondness for fragrances, writings and all the little things, she has got a lot of things(everything was not meant for me :p) from her place. "I know you will like this," Geetika handed me the lemongrass scented candle, "also this," she pointed out to the essence oil and gifted me a lot. 

I like the way Geetika hand out the gifts. Thoughtful and no expectations. She handed out everything with a warmth smile. Thanks Geetika for everything!

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  1. Not all know how to accept gifts gracefully but u do Abhinay, that is one of the reason to gift u things. Well happy to see that u are cherishing them and now would be writing about some of the objects...


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