Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Stories on Wheels- The anxious 60 minutes

I reached the airport early to spend some time at the airport at ease and then fly to Ahmedabad from Hyderabad. Listening to Shashaa Tirupati while getting into the flight has become the norm. I got into the carrier and went on enjoying the music, trying to avoid the flat intonated air hostesses' messages. 

Twenty minutes in the flight, we got out on to the runway and got stuck. Anxious, I turned off my headphones and waited for the crew's message. There wasn't any. We weren't moving further either.  The flight was returning to the pit stop. People were undocking the stairs, some cargo carrier was brought and pipe was linked. We sat in the flight for 60 minutes, clueless of what happened.  After an hour delay, we got back on to the runway, flying high safely. Thanks Indigo for reaching us safe.


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