Friday, April 23, 2021

Thought of the day- Change is the constant

 Last year, Dyu and I were staying together passing the time in our own ways during lockdown. I used to paint, write, read, sketch and do alot. Dyu used to read, talk to friends and cook. 

Both of us took long walks at evenings watching the mountains and the sky in meditative states. Dyu once said, "After a few years, we may move to different places. I doubt if we get this kind of place and views." 

I looked at the mountains and didn't want to leave anywhere. Comes another year, we're in another lockdown. I may have to change the place soon. Dyu left home. Azhar joined me for company. I got new friends in the town who got affected by COVID and are quarantined. There's a lot that has changed in the course of the year. Never I felt that the change would be this soon. 

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