Friday, April 23, 2021

Day 5 of 15- Lockdown Days

Azhar had prepared for Iftaar. Lassi of two glasses. His favourite chana and a few fruits. 
It has become a routine of having Iftaar thanks to Azhar. We spend the whole day waiting for each other to finish the calls. I'm free when he has a call. He's free when I got a call. Both of us pick up a book waiting for the other's call to get finished. 

In this way, we spent whole day. Today I reflected on how different was lockdown at previous year. Will it gonna be the same? Azhar asked. 

I don't see any difference. From now on, there's gonna be more pain, death and destruction as the world is trying to balance out the imbalances. 

I'm worried of how our future is turning out to be.

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