Friday, April 2, 2021

Raconteuring with Rahila- Places

Dad worked in TamilNadu for 3 years from 2007 to 2009. In 2007, I lived in Gudiyattam(vellore) for a few months. That's how I got to know the places, Katpadi, Guidiyattam, Pernambut, Ambur and a few more places.  After a stint at Nellore and Kadapa, in 2009, we shifted to Chittoor, 30 odd kilometre away from Vellore. Dad commuted daily to Vellore and I studied in Camford English School, Chittoor. 

In 2021, after 12 years, I returned to Vellore, trying to remember the first days of my visit to Vellore. Also, now I know that I have a friend in Vellore, I have special affinity to this place. 

    Visiting coffee shops and the other places, I wished that I run into Rahila and their family, just like how we met on social media after 12 years. Not all my wishes turned true as she had to leave the town for an urgent work. Nevertheless, she suggested me a few good places to check out. 

I visited Hundred's Heritage on Rahila's suggestion and I love this place. It's coincidence that I had my dinner at their regular spot. Imagining my senior visiting all these places, living in this city, I do not consider Vellore as some other random town. I have this connection as I'm connected through people. Thanks Vellore for having me. See you soon next time. 

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