Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Day 1 of 15- Lockdown 2021

 Same as the previous year stint. We had a curfew for 2 days and then comes the lockdown at the midnight. This time, there's a space for traveling and essential services. All the private institutions and offices are closed. We woke up to the work mails and got onto the calls to catch up virtually. 

With the series of work calls, I spent most of my time on laptop and phone. Post calls, Azhar and I went for a drive to purchase a few groceries. Looking at the deserted roads, and bazaars, we realized that there's lockdown in real. We couldn't believe we were relooking at the old times. 

We explored the Sirohi King's palace which had three boats. There's no water body at near place. I doubt where this king would take these boats. 

We rewatched the premam movie and listened to music. Caught up with Geetika & Pallavi over call.

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