Friday, April 9, 2021

Corporate Lessons- Flame Blame Mails

During my college days, I sent a flame blame mail(I didn’t knew it had a term, flame blame then) to my principal of the college.  She printed out the mail and had it on her table and called me in. “Abhinay, do you know our words have more power than we estimate. We need to use them wisely.”

Hot headed, young and mad, I could never relate to her. “You can relate more when you will get into your first job.”  Envisaged right, I recalled her words, when I saw a couple of mails in my mail box written by a few colleagues. ­

It's not advisable to throw our words in anger as they're gonna stay and sometimes can drag us down in many ways. Then I learnt how I can't afford to use my words in reckless manner. 

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