Friday, April 2, 2021

Soliloquies- The Silent Time

 Attending hospital and watching a lot of people sitting in the waiting area, I ponder on what can go in a lot of minds. There's a lot of suffering. When I reflect on my thinking, I realise that it's tough to stay in that mental space. The loved ones are struggling through pain and we gotta wait for our turns for treatment or tests. 

During this waiting time, there's nothing much that can solace us. Not the distracting phone nor the random thoughts. I tried distracting myself with phone but, it's hard to not think of the test and the resuls. Also, I realise this is the time, we can reflect a lot on suffering. There's a lot of suffering around. I began observing the people around. It's saddening to see many of us in pain. It's futile to get distracted in these places. It's better we accept the reality and reflect more on our lives and suffering and deal with it rather than running away from it. 

In that way, the silent time in hospitals are good to heal ourselves and relook at the way we see LIFE.

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