Thursday, April 22, 2021

Day 4 of 15- Lockdown Days

 After a sleep rebound of 12 hours, I felt normal. Azhar had his sehri at early morning. Both of us began our day and went out for groceries. This time the lockdown is different. During day, it looks normal. Everyone are roaming around. Except essential services, everything is closed but, still there's a lot of crowd and commutation. We went to the nearby supermarket. We were told to wait outside till other customers get out of the supermarket. Too little to called super market. For Sirohi level, it's the biggest super market. We got all we need. We went on to get a few vegetables and diary stuff. We spent an hour outside. 

During afternoon, I caught up with work and read a bit. At evening, we got into full rigor for Iftaar. We made a lot of dishes and had a heavy iftaar. 

While Azhar was offerning prayers, I took a walk on my terrace. Grateful to spend quiet evenings in this town of Sirohi. As soon as Azhar joined me. Over the conversations, we spent another hour, discussing the timeline of our lives from the year of 2019 to 2021. 

A few calls were made and I'm all up for writing a few letters to friends. Day well spent. 

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