Saturday, April 10, 2021

Stories from Sirohi- Son or Daughter?

 We were celebrating our 4-year-old friend's birthday in another friend's house. Frequenting my friend's house with gifts, groceries and balloons, the land lords got to know about the birthday party. On the eve of birthday party, I walked out for some groceries. The land lady looked at me and asked, "I thought it's boy's birthday. Is it girl's?" There's more than finding out if it's girl's birthday, I realized. "Yes, it is," I replied. "Dono ladki ee hai?" she retorted showing her two fingers. "Yes, both are daughters only! I replied. 

Curiosity, it may seem but, the underlying thoughts of asking behind son or a daughter, I could hear a lot of questions that weren't spoken. "Are you celebrating this grand for a girl's birthday? Don't they have any son. So pity." And a lot of condescending thoughts, I could hear from the old land lady's questions. 

Boy or girl, how does it matter??

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