Monday, December 21, 2020

Virtual Event- Compassion Integrity Training: Emotional Awareness

Compassion Integrity Training has several modules, in which I have attended the master class on “Emotional Awareness.”

Through this engaging session, I’ve interacted with several individuals, sharing my experiences and learning from others’ experiences on emotional intelligence and awareness.  

Emotional Awareness can be stated as the ability to be aware of the rising and falling of our mental experiences on a moment-to-moment basis and to understand the difference between beneficial and harmful mental states.

With a lot of engaging questions and possibilities, the facilitators have garnered the responses from the participants and made me feel comfortable in engaging the discussion.

There was a discussion on how beneficial mental states lead to genuine happiness for us and others. How harmful mental states distort reality and lead to suffering for us and others.

One big take away from this session would be the discussion on the Atlas of emotions.

How thought is triggered and how it transcends to a mental state, how there is a possibility of constructive action and destructive action, and how our mental states influence our work and status of being. 

Also, we practiced the art of active listening through break out rooms. Listening to the strangers’ stories and their experiences on how being aware of their emotions changed the course of their actions.


Do check out the atlas of emotions. It’s visually appealing as well as informative.

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