Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Memories- Shreya Weds Nikhil

With no intonation, in the space of surprise, Shreya told Nikhil, "I'm getting married mama," on their wedding day. 

Shreya and Nikhil have been together since 2013.  "I want to be a nun. Marriage is not my cup of tea, " were Shreya's goals in her teenage. It's tough to believe I'm getting married but, I'm confident with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. Such is love, life, and relations we complicate with a lot of terms in our lives. 

Shreya's senior, Nikhil is a guitarist in the college band, CRESCENDO. Guitar, music was the first mutual interest that triggered them to spend more time together, discussing music, sharing interests, and enjoy each other's presence.  

Shreya is energetic, lively, bubbled up with lots of love, warmth, and affection. Nikhil is poised, observant and is comfortable in his own space, often less to offer to entertain any strangers. 

During the whole college time, we had our ways, living in our spaces. I know Shreya for the first time by her performance, Bon Jovi's It's my life in the college fest. Nikhil being senior Akash's friend and from the Automobile branch, I knew him. Thanks to TEDx, I reached out to Shreya, Sruthi, impressed with their band, "Rooh" Then began our journey of companionship and got to know Nikhil and Shreya more than what their social media profiles could offer. 

"When did this all happen? When?" many asked, curious to know their love story. 

Close friends mentioned, "They're together for seven years." Another friend said, "It all started with the excuse of guitar"

Every one of us knows the story in bits and pieces but, not a complete one. Need to ask the couple itself for the whole story. 

Happy to see Nikhil and Shreya getting hitched. Marriage would only nurture their matured relationship further ahead. God bless you both. Have a great time ahead. 

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