Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Stories from Sirohi- Waterless times

I always dreamt of Rajasthan as hot dry land,  full of water scarcity. When I landed here, I could witness it. However, grateful to my house owners, they got a beautiful house with all the amenities. Despite our nearby got water problems, we never faced it. We always had running water taps. 

At times, I took the service for granted but, I always reminded myself, how privileged I am. In recent days, our motor got damaged and there's no water pumped into the tanks, further to taps. It was all sudden and at night, we do not have water at the house. It was tough. Spending a night without water seemed to be a nightmare. The world without water is tough. I knew it till past. Now, I have experienced tough times. Can never take the resources for granted.  

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