Sunday, December 20, 2020

Travel tales- Udaipur

 Udaipur is a 2-hour drive from Sirohi. Azhar and I decided to visit Udaipur for a medical check-up  as well as to devour our favourite kebabs at favourite place. 

Our journey began at late morning, soaking in intense sun while the heavy wind is chilling our bodies. On a bike, we began our journey, looking out for Chai, to start the journey on high note. 

Shacks, next to the highway has a lot of traffic. We found a nice place to sip chai and have Parle G biscuits. "Don't go out while it's dark. People throw stones while you're moving." people talk. 

How do they do that? I was thinking. There were two people, who were brushing with neem sticks, got a call. They held a few stones, came out on the road, looking out for the cars. One guy almost threw a stone on the car. Looking at the number in the flashing speed, he stopped. 

Two strangers, Morning day light. Rampage, what's going on? I thought. 

"Police log hai. Kuch message aayahai. Do number maal aaraha hai." person next to us explained us.    And we observed the people. Military hair cut, police shoes. They seemed as police but not sure of their actions. They didn't drop the stones. A police car went across, the man put the stones behind, standing in attention posture. A few more calls, the two men, took out a bike, and went in wrong road, taking the stick to hit may be. 

We wanted to witness some action. We'd be in mess if we follow them. We dropped the idea and headed to our destination. 

"Let's not stop anywhere, we decided. One hour, we were tempted to take a stop and get on the hill. Looking at the meadows and hills, we slowed down. Tempted by the scenic view, we stopped and took a halt. 

A perfect place to camp, we spent some time and continued our journey. By afternoon, we were there, in the city, Udaipur. 

Hospitals. Malls. Food joints. We left Udaipur after sunset, when the moon shone high and the sun got obscured in the skies. 

Riding through the chilled cold. It was a chilling spine ride. 

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