Sunday, December 27, 2020

Travel Diaries- In dialogue with Iqbal

 Iqbal, a resident of Sam village visited the Ahmedabad Desert Camp to perform for us. "What do you love to do?" I asked. Pointing to the Harmonium, he said, "Bajatha hu. Accha lagtha hai." 

At the desert camp, there were two people who were performing for us. An hour into the performance,  the music got stopped and the phone was connected to the amplifier and blared out various songs. I could get this music even in my home, I thought. People were drunk in this cold night, everyone were dancing getting out of their inhibition. We danced a bit. Got bored of the DJ and went and sat at Iqbal, to know his story. 

"We go for performances at the off season. During winter and rainy, we perform here only." Iqbal shared smiling in between his words.  I asked about his work. He was revealing himself. A little laugh and a joke, we were there enjoying the conversation. "I have five siblings. three brothers. two sisters." 

At the end, Iqbal offered us pagdi to wear and greeted us to spend good time at his place, Sam. Thanks Iqbal for the words and the performance. 

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