Monday, December 28, 2020

Travel Diaries- Sam Sand dunes

 "Beta complain nahi hona chahiye. Zara dekhe" repeated Joginder Singh thrice, advising Aamir to drive carefully. 

Why is he so concerned, what kind of drive are we going to witness, I assumed. Shankar, Azhar, and I stood behind the Jeep, to enjoy the drive. A few minutes, we were off the road and got onto the sand. Aamir sat at the corner fiddling with the phone, while hitting the wheel and wavering the steering. 

Thrilling speed, heart-pumping bumps, I was sure, we'd fall at any moment if we leave the bar. Enjoying the drive, Shankar taunted Aamir to go fast. Aamir was on his job, talking to people, taking turns, it was a beautiful drive. 7 minutes of the thrilling ride, we entered the sand dunes. Camels, sunset, people. Enjoyed the evening. 

There are camels everywhere, tyre paths paved the sand. We were excited to be at the sand dunes. We were told to wait and get onto the camels. 

Little children were handling the camels. People were running around. I wondered how days would be without any tourists here. Travellers going through sanddunes on their camels, it's not as fancy as we're enjoying these sand dunes. 

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