Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Walk The Talk- CEO Lessons

As we walked in, CEO Anurag casually sat on the chair  initiating the conversation, questioning the utmost usual question

"Kya Haal Chaal Hai?"

The sight of him, in casual clothes and command in communication made me believe  what's needed is needed and all other things really don't matter.

The image of CEO is shattered when I see the way he brings himself into conversation. Interested to see how he brings up the whole meeting,

 "Elections," answered in one voice.

"What's the scene here?"

All of us tend to  think of the country as if we know it corner to corner and everything by drop of hat.

"Let's talk about Sirohi first, then Desh." said  Anurag.

It's so true that we tend to make it macro on our political lens and less we acknowledge the importance of our local governance.

Bringing the topic of election, Anurag asked for the views on Bal Panchayat.

Very direct in the questions and asked of it's purpose?

Receiving the answers, validating with the teachers, he discussed if we're meeting the objective. Some of his words seemed so reasonable to practice and learn in life as well as at workplace. 

"Since there's high chance of  effective background work but the less implementation of the work at ground, it's high time we see if the result is meeting the objective."

"Reasoning with the objectives and constant reflection on the style of our work matters  we're here in the institutions to educate children."

"Vigilance is the price of the democracy."

"With constant reflection, one should also be always contemporary to the methodologies and work."

"Ritualism with a reasoning may work when it's validated through a lot of working objectives. But constant reflection should not be at passive." 

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