Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Social Media Stories

I remember signing up for social media during my high school. Facebook, Twitter.  I was never a compulsive user yet I was the most active user on social media. I always accessed social media through laptop and mostly during late nights where I get my most free time. 

With publishing many of my success on social media, I was showered by a lot of wishes and then a lot of conversations through media. That's when I was wired for the likes. I didn't knew about it then but, later through introspection I realised it that that's when my behaviour patterns changed in accessing social media. 

Struggling with all these platforms, comes the new app. Instagram. At first, I was never interested in it, but over time, with few amazing pictures clicked, wanted to flaunt by uploading them. Then it started and over time, I expressed myself through a lot of images. 

All the social media seemed an abyss. With endless scrolling, I would be unnerved by all the feed. Knowing that it's not helping me, I'd still get onto social media. That's when I realised I've turned compulsive on social media. 

These days, I regulated my Facebook usage at a great extent. And Instagram, I use it for a few days, take a break for a month and get onto it, to share all the stories. 

With Instagram, I've tried a lot of methods. I used to upload a lot of pictures all at once and then uninstall it. 

I'm always conscious of what I share on social media. It's just that the feed. The endless scrolling is what troubles me. 

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