Sunday, May 12, 2019

The 70s Biker

Dyu and I rushed into a mechanic shop for a small fitting to the bike. A general statement was passed. 

"Kitha Time lagta hai? Meruku Jaldi chahiye."

Listening to this, the old man said, "Kisi ke paas bhi time nahi hai!

Every man who comes, tells us the same and indeed looks like, it's us who sit here and wait for people to come. May be little patience is needed. Even we work!!." 

With assertion, he mentioned how everyone wants only his work to be a priority but least bothers about what others are there for. 

Joining him for a conversation, as we waited for his helper in the shop, uncle shared an anecdote.

In 1969, I failed in the 3rd class and my dad put me in a mechanic shop for the work.  I started learning the work from my Guru and still, he is called around as "Mewadi King" Woh Mechanic Nahi hai, Mewadi King. He is still the best in whole Udaipur. 

He gives the time to the customers and they need to make it to the time. That's how he was and he is."

Later, talking about traveling, uncle shared how he crisscrossed the country on his scooter in the 1970s. He went from Bombay to Lucknow on his scooter.

I laughed at myself imagining thumping chests on shallow achievements. We seek validation for small achievements where there are these people who have a rich experience of everything in life are there enjoying it completely without extra validation.  

Glad to meet him and take few tips on biking.

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