Sunday, May 12, 2019

A decade to the Facebook.

I got onto Facebook to play the game Farmville. So addicted that I played for two years, reaching 256 level. After playing at odd hours, networking with lot of friends  asking for gifts and receiving gifts and pacing at a great level, I questioned if I there's a proper end to it. I had this question at many times but I was swept by the enjoyment and the happy rush I got from seeing that I'm advancing in levels. I realized I was on the loop. This game would continue till level 2000 and still it's the same with few changes in the game. Realizing about the loop, I didn't enjoy it and stopped playing the game. 

Since it's a simulation social network game, I had to login to Facebook to play this. I stopped playing but couldn't stop myself from logging into Facebook. I  didn't observe the Facebook loop then. I made a lot of friends, shared pictures, spent most of my time at Facebook. Got habituated and thus became an active user on Facebook.

Now as, I recall how I'd spent time without  being on Facebook, I can't imagine what all I would do? 

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