Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mallesham- The Story that changed a lot of lives.

Mallesham is the story I first heard at TEDx Tribe. TEDxHyderabad got him to share his idea. News. Media. A lot is there but thanks to my ignorance. Didn't get much chance to know more about it. After listening to Mallesham's Talk. I was overwhelmed by the kind of story he had to share. "My mother is the inspiration to do all these and I got the machine named after my mother. Lakshmi ASU Machine."

It was quite inspiring to listen to how it affected a lot of lives.  And just as I watched Mallesham Trailer. The movie is made to tell Mallesham's story on the big screen. These are the kind of movies that'll be welcomed. And it's amazing to see the crew being at their best as well as narrating the story in the best way. Eagerly waiting for the movie now.

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