Thursday, May 23, 2019

I'm not bored and I do not like it- Thought of the day

In the past, I did a lot of things to beat the boredom. Now, I miss the feeling of being bored.

I see myself being consumed by an external source to beat my boredom. Reflecting on my thought patterns, I realised that  I wake up and look at the phone for the messages notifications be clueless of what's happening. I tend to listen or watch something. I’m always in urge of passing time through news, notifications, words or anything. I go to work, I cannot pay attention to the meetings if they do not grab my attention. I take out my phone, and consume a lot of junk or lock, unlock the screen for n number of times. I’m consumed by external medium but not my thoughts whenever I felt bored.

I did not free myself by a train of thought but, took passive entertainment through surfing twitter feed or google news.

With these kinda thought patterns, I became compulsive eventually creating a pattern. whenever I feel bored I do not let myself to be in that space where I’m bored. I do not even tend to do something that’s creative. I’m always relied on taking out the phone or laptop and consume a lot of unnecessary stuff.

At another reflection, I figured out that I get more of my ideas, thoughts when I’m free from all these over stimulating information. Maybe, that space of being bored let me be creative which is highly needed right now.

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