Friday, May 3, 2019

Adalaj StepWell- Travel Diairies

Adalaj Stepwell is located at Adalaj, outskirts of Ahmedabad. It's quite near to the airport. 10-minute journey. I walked into the village and spotted a temple. Beside temple is the entrance. Three entryways and right at the centre, I could see the intricate structure.

This is a five-storeyed well which is also used as stay for the travelers. As you keep going inside, it'll be cooler.

This stepwell also has a garden outside where people sleep under the shade of the trees.

Intricate Design. Islamic Architecture.

2nd Stair.

One of the entrance. 
Adalaj Stories.

I discovered an interesting story of Adalaj, This stepwell is also called as "RudaBai ki Vav."  Rudabai's husband, Rana Veer Singh wanted to construct a step well for his people in the kingdom as there was a water crisis. In the course of construction, he waged a war with Muhammad and was killed.

Mahmud Begada didn't let Rudabai performing Sati. He wanted to marry the queen Rudabai. On insisting, queen requested to complete the construction of the well first. He constructed the well with a marvel design plan and intricate architecture. 

The reason this step well has mixed architecture is that it was started by one and ended by the other. Many flowers and a lot of other patterns can be spotted in this well.

Upon the completion of the stepwell, Rudabai committed suicide in the well itself. That's the haunting story of this well.

I found a few graves above the stepwell. Mehmud killed the masons who constructed this stepwell. He didn't want them to construct this kind of step well again.

The Graves

I wish this stepwell is revived and taken proper care. This architecture is amazing. 500 years and the structure and the motifs are still exuded with aesthetics.

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