Sunday, May 12, 2019

The spirit of the Classroom by T.M Krishna

T.M Krishna talks about art and mentions how we perceive art in the class room. Describing art beyond the literal meaning of it, he urges to look at the way that's helpful in the classroom as well.

Like T.M Krishna mentioned, "music and dance are seen as vehicles for providing cultural, religious and national reiterations. They are about pride and the celebration of our national identity."

During my school days, as I recollect, often we have dances performances mostly on celebrating national identity. It's usual to see such performances on Independence day, republic day but also,  at annual days and other times. 

Without a thought, one could easily fall into the trap of conditioning to such thoughts. 

 If one can find art in everything, there's an emotional intensity one can bring into the classroom. If teacher can bring out such interesting things, i'm sure, there'll be a lot of change. Good piece written by T.M. Krishna

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