Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Engineering Desing and those days

I visited a heritage site and was surprised to see this architecture back in the 12th Century.

Stress Reduction Design.

Looking at the pillar, I got reminded of my Engineering Classes which I barely attended. I remember
studying stress concentration and the ways to reduce the stress in a structure by various design methods.

Engineering Design by R S Khurmi. I may not know the subject well but I know what book is referred by the prof. We hardly refer the book to study the subject. That's another story for another day.

End of the day, other branches envy us for the open book test we have for Engineering Design exam. And having all the chances to ace in the exam, we huddle up and laugh out loud for the lamest jokes on the earth just before the exam. 

As I saw the pillar, I got reminded of Stress reduction methods. Engineering Design and a lot of other memories we made.

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