Monday, June 13, 2022

Libraries- A happy meeting place

I find libraries as the best places to talk. Yes, I know that library places are meant to be silent so that people delve into reading but, what better place can we ask for, to start a conversation? For me a silent place where we're undisturbed for long hours. 

I have beautiful memories with library. I spent a lot of time in library, talking to the loved ones. We gotta talk in low tone. And there area always corners where we can engage in conversations. 

Firstly, I find a very few people in the library.  Second, there are two types of people in library. People who visit library to pick up books and read. People who visit library for the sake of visiting library. I belong to the second type. 

'During college days, in the first three years, I never was alone in college.  Either I was with my gang or with the love or my basketball teammates. It's a rarity to be alone in the college. During my last year of my college, before I began TEDx community, I was doing rounds to principal office for permissions and other letters. During those days, I spent a lot of time by myself. Whenever, I have an hour or two to spend, I used to visit library, just to pick a glance through books or to sleep. 

In one of those visits, during my last college days, I met Amulya Gupta. I know her as a batch mate but, never got a chance to catch up with her in detail. In the college library, next to a huge series of windows, with a good view of basketball court, we sat over a long table, stretching our legs and began to talk on friends, groups, gangs, caste discrimination and traveling, we began to share a lot. Amulya was honest in her thoughts and very sweet person. She has her own limitations and the best thing is she knows about it. She's very communicative. 

I enjoyed working with her for TEDx. One of the best memories of my college days. Library reminds me of our conversation. A nice memory to cherish upon. Thanks Amulya for reminding about the best memories. 

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  1. Nice. I don't remember meeting Amulya though at the event.


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