Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Anjali & I- Collaborative painting

This time, Anjali and I spent most of the time playing cricket. Despite having two cars taking up a lot of area in the front yard, we had our own space to play cricket. Chatting a little bit on schooling and Pune trip, we were focussing more on the 2-over matches. One touch, one run. One tap catch, out and minus two runs. I liked the idea of negative runs in this format. In this way, we get to play all the 12 balls instead of giving away the bat to opponent. Never for once, I welcomed negative marking in my exams. In the front yard cricket, hell yes, it sounds promising for a whole 2-over batting. After missing out the ball in bushes, we got in.While Harry was out for a walk, Anjali got busy writing her Hindi homework, I took a short nap. After a while, we had another 2-over match inviting little street pals to bat for a while. 

At the end, Anjali invited for a painting. After a few days break, I got a chance to paint. I was game for it. Anjali got everything ready. Newspaper, canvas, a bottle of water, couple of brushes. We got on to the painting. Switching sides, we just went on. Anjali was calm and focused in her painting. Both are into  abstract art. We have a whole different style. I enjoyed working on this painting. 

Over a lot of layers, we chose color compliments each others' strokes.     

Heres' the final picture. 


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