Thursday, June 30, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Back to Home

 After a strenuous train journey, I returned to Jaipur. Returning to home after 40 days break brings me to a home full of dull light brown dust everywhere. The dust has dried up and thanks to the humidity, it has become sticky on few surfaces. The white marbles have turned pale. The place is unturned with all the clothes lying on the bed and the books scattered across the desk. I imagined that I left home organizing books, clothes and other things but, realized I didn't. The only things I organized were my paintings.  

Despite the dust, It's good to be back. It's good to be back at home. In the course of 40 days, I've stayed in different places. I enjoyed staying all those places and grateful for them. I know that how much ever I roam around, the last place that I've return is Jaipur, which I call home for now. A year ago, it was Sirohi. 4 years ago, it was Hyderabad. Many years ago, it was different place. 

It's interesting how we own up the places we live in. 

Introspecting on places and hometowns, I've stopped asking people, where are they from? Instead, I ask, Where are you local to?

I'm born in some place but, I'm local to all the places I've lived in. I represent more of the places I lived in rather than the places I'm related to. 

For now, got to clean this place and live till I travel for another visit. 

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