Thursday, June 9, 2022

Friends- The usual surprises

Whenever I visit Hyderabad, I get ready for sleepless nights and a lot of laughter and banter. No sooner I visited Bala's place, I get welcomed by all the homies and full banter. Waking up at 10 am in the early morning is rarity in the house. By chance, if one gets to wake up by 9.30, either she's supposed to wake up  by 7 am in the morning or they slept early around 3 am. 

The breakfasts are ordered, along with the coffee. A lot of Swiggy and Zomato are thankful to this 4th floor apartment boys. 

The flat has the usual cycle. By afternoon, the maid comes in and cleans everything. By night, it's a huge mess again. The game of cleaning by morning and messing it up by night is the usual routine. The best thing about this flat is the people. 

People comes up with a lot of interesting personalities and stories. A few from IT, a few into business, a few into cinema. This is the hub for all the conversations and chatter. A perfect mix to celebrate the normalcy and talk of numbers, data, politics, and much more.

More than that, friendships are made under this house. You never know whom you meet and when you manage to spend time with them you'd never be able to forget them. That's the kind of impression they'd last in our lives.

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