Saturday, June 4, 2022

Thoughts- Why Giving?

 Why do I give?

When I visited Uttarkashi, Jeet took Malavika and Myself to a sweater shop. Watching a lot of colorful gloves and caps, I couldn't stop myself from buying a whole lot. J was surprised by the act. 'What are you going to do with these?' he asked. 

'I'll give,' I replied. 

As I was looking at the beautiful gloves, I could think of all the friends I can gift. Do I have to wait for a reason to gift them? For a few, these could be utilities, for a few these could be souvenirs, for a few these could be cheap gifts. I never bothered much about with what expectations others could receive. 

I give not because it just brings me happiness but, I give as I receive more. In giving, there's more receiving. With giving or receiving, there's more sharing. 

I accept to give a lot without a need to wait for their birthdays, special days. I believe in that 'Do not wait people to be dead to give flowers to them.' 

Do not wait for birthdays to let them know that they're special. A message, a smile, a letter, a flower, a card, a big painting, a box of books, a box of color ful papers. Put a thought, put efforts and give!

As giving is more receiving. Receiving is more giving. We got to accept the abundance of life. a

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