Saturday, June 4, 2022

Bangalore Days- In dialogue with a lovely Librarian

Often I visited this big five storeyed library, in awe of the collection they got. For days, I visited it to borrow the books. We got two kiosk machines to borrow but, I couldn't as I was not a student in the university. 

Despite asking for a lot  of help, none could sort out the issue. Then comes Priyatama. Yes, Priyatama is her name. As Beloved as it sounds, she was determined to sort out the issue. She asked for a few details, she figured out that a few changes needs to be done in my account to let me borrow a few books. She did those changes. Voila, I could carry 10+ books in one go. 

With her bright smile, she assured me that I can walk out of library with all the books I was carrying. 

Thanks Priyatama for the help. 

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