Saturday, June 4, 2022

Bangalore Days- A meet after a year

 Srikanth got married on May.30.2021 amidst all the COVID lock down situation. I couldn't get a chance to attend the marriage. I was in Bangalore and decided to catch up with Srikanth after a long time. A few messages, we decided to meet at his home. Srikanth with his wife, Siri were ready inviting me for a dinner. 

Srikanth & Siri, the newly married couple was happy in their own space, doing things together having a good companionship. Abhilash, Srikanth and I got on a call, sharing what we're up to. I do not stay in touch with either of them over a call. Whenever I'm there, we catch up conversations from where we left. 

As Siri, Srikanth and I decided to dine out together, we headed to Lake View Milk Bar. With a decent parking space, we had some sandwiches and ice cream. We were discussing Art and the narratives we get through art. 

The best memories of Srikanth and I are spending time together to listen to music. For good old times sake, we sat in the balcony and were listening to some of our favorites. 

Srikanth recently watched Shyam Benegal's movies. Mandi is his favorite. Listened to a few of his favorites. I picked Hariharan. Siri was comfortable with all the songs we were playing. Spent the night listening to the gems and ended it with a Mango dessert. 

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