Monday, June 13, 2022

Bangalore Days- My first ever Yulu Ride

Last mile connectivity is what a lot of companies have worked on. Yulu seemed to crack this in Bangalore. I got on the roads to meet a friend from  Sarjapur to White Field forum. I spent an hour and half in the bus wading through the snail traffic. I had a last 1km stretch to reach to my friend's homep. The traffic is too much to book for an Ola bike and wait for it as the Ola bike also would be stuck in the traffic. I got down the bus and began to walk. I spotted these two Yulu bikes on the pavement left by some Dominoes Pizza Delivery guys as they got their set of friends to pick them up from that point. 

Whenever I see Yulu, I get reminded of my friends riding out these bikes. I got near them to give a try.  I quickly installed Yulu app and recharged 100 rupees in the account. I scanned the e-bike through app, the bike got turned on, waiting for me to ride on. Simple and easy way to get an e-bike in bustling Bengaluru. 

Yulu is very comfortable for short rides. Also,since it's an e-bike, hardly there's a sound this produce. This is perfect mode to reach the last mile in time. Also, there's a lot of space to put the baggage in front. In the e-bike I selected, the horn wasn't functional. As this is almost like a cycle but, heavy one, big bikes, cars, trucks hardly notice these and give a space to ride. 

I enjoyed cruising through the streets in this Yulu. I wonder how many small walks would be cut short because of this Yulu. If state has to encourage the public to walk, what measures they can do is a food for thought. 


  1. And how does it work?

  2. This is a micro mobility vehicle, used to connect the last miles in the city sir


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