Monday, June 13, 2022

Book- The Red Haired Woman by Orhan Pamuk

Written in first person, Cem, a sixteen year old begins to narrate his journey. All of a sudden, Cem's father leaves the family leaving nothing to mother and son. The sixteen year old teen aspires to be a writer. To fulfil his aspiration, through University dreams, he works as apprentice with a master Mahmut at well-digging at a remote place Ongoren, a nearby place to Istanbul. Master Mahmut is best at his work-well digging. Through intuition and ancient knowledge, he finds place to dig wells. 

Along with Master Mahmut, Cem travels to this remote place, Ongoren, to earn some money to support his university studies. As he talks of well-digging, he talks of the red-haired woman with whom he was attracted, right on the first day. 

The stint with red-haired woman brings Cem to the fate he was fascinated of- Oedipus & Rostam. 

In one story, the son kills the father and other myth, the father kills the son. The whole story revolves around these two myths. It's interesting how a story is woven through myths, set up in modern context. It's been long time since I wrote novels written in first person. Glad to read this piece. As soon as I go to Jaipur, will lay my hands on My name is Red. 

I got introduced to Orhan Pamuk by Lokesh, Pallavi & Malavika at different times. I picked this 'The Red Haired Woman' at Azim Premji University's Library. It was written that Indu Prasad donated this book. Thanks Indu for donating this book to Library. Thanks Lokesh, Pallavi & Malavika for the suggestion. 

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