Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Library & Legends

Sitting in a library, the librarian asked a person how many books did you read this year?

'Do you want me to help you or not' replied in curt manner pointing him with a book he was handling. 

Thinking of library and books, J shared the story of Dharampal who lived for 40 years in library.

A Gandhian historian. "The only interaction he had with Gandhi was he met him and Gandhi said, I've heard about you. Hum aapke baare sune hain." J introduced Dharampal about how he started walking in the foot steps of Gandhi.  

And that's small interaction, he had and inspired by Gandhi works, he went on to research a lot . Gandhi mentioned that our education system was beautiful before British entered. Dharam took so much interest that he spend 40 years of his  life in India House library, London. 

He was able to do this, as he married a german lady and settled in foreign country. He spent his prime life outside researching on Gandhi and Indian Education system before British intervention. 

In the last years, he returned to India. "He would be hallucinating a lot in his last years." J shared as DharamPal was frequent visitor to Mussorie. Also, a young boy from J's village was sent to take care of of DharamPal. That boy would narrate tales of how he used to live with the Dharam. Call this X person. Bring him, Dharam would say, the young lad would take him into rooms and make him sit in his room only and then Dharam would talk to an invisible person and ask him to leave. So interesting were the tales. 

He played a major role in Atal Bihari Vajpayee's Government it seems. Got to know more about him through this site. His work is immense. 


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