Saturday, April 29, 2017

Veerappan-Book by K.Vijay Kumar

Anecdotes in the book thrilled and surprised me as I kept turning the pages. Vijay Kumar wrote in a great detail and also in gripping way.
Veerappan is an outlaw who troubled governments for years. His power and intelligence intrigued me. His stories shared among elders etched an image in my mind. Back then, in 2004 Veerappan's death triggered me with many questions. What kind of person he is? How is he so intelligent? What kind of life he wished living in jungle for years.
To all my questions, this book answered the most. RGV movie, 'Veerappan' is of same content which was showed in appealing way. Even though movie was great. 2.5 hour movie excited me rather than informing me more about Veerappan's life.
This book also shared about people who lost their lives in search of Veerappan. Friendly fires shocked me for the way lives were lost in a fraction of seconds due to fear. This book has more about Veerappan and the men who were in search of him.
Vijay revealed very little in the book, regarding their general training and operations. Training at Alps amused me. Never I imagined the training to be so fancy and cool.
It's a great feeling to read about Veerappan. And also, it's a great feeling to read about men who braved to death in the journey of searching Veerappan.

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