Friday, April 28, 2017

Friends who correct me when I'm wrong.

Talking to Elizabeth for hours and hours on books, life and happiness, I make many grammar mistakes while I speak to her.
She gently corrects me every time, every time!!. whenever I use words in a wrong way, whenever I frame sentences in a wrong way, she simply points out and corrects me. Never in our conversations she made fun out of me being a writer and making grammar mistakes.
Being a writer, I face the problem where people always come up with alien words, asking for meanings. Well and good till then. I search for the words which I don't know and tell them.
Then people comment, "Writer! and doesn't know the meanings!"
Sometimes I blather committing few mistakes in making proper sentences. Then people quickly says, "writer! and doesn't know the difference."
I'm sure most of the writers would be facing this problem now and then.

Thankfully I have friends who correct me when I do mistakes while speaking.

Elizabeth knows that I write and she doesn't assume that I have to know all the words which generally people think of. She never even discouraged me pointing out my mistakes being writer who write in English.
It's good to have people who correct you. Harimohan sir was the person who kept correcting me whenever I do mistakes. The way he teaches me small minor things makes me feel grateful for the friends who correct me wishing me to be better.
I'm glad I'm having people who are helping me in every possible way to be a good writer and to be a good speaker.
(Right people on the bus again!! :D)

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