Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The first three books I read.

Today, reading the thoughts of Anjali about gifts, talking to Swathi about gifts, I realized how my life changed because of a good act by my friend, Swathi.

As I was speaking to Swathi today after 6 weeks, she recollected the dialogue which I posed to her ages back, "How can you read books. How can you spend time, reading for long time. Have a life!!"

I burst out laughing.

It was me who said it 7 years back, and now, I can read books for days and talk about books for days.

All thanks to Swathi and Susmitha for their conversations  at school about books.

It was Swathi who further gifted me books to read and made me an avid reader, the way I am right now. 

Recalling whole experience over phone, she reminded me of our act of gifting.

She's the first person to gift me books and encourage me to read. I can't be thankful enough for the small deed she did.

The first gift she  gave me was, 'The Spirit of Music.'  She gifted me on my birthday and I was so excited by the gift that, I was wishing her in return saying, 'Happy Birthday Swathi!'

On my other birthday, she gifted me 'MY LIFE IN MY WORDS' by Rabindranath Tagore and 'THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY' by Robert Kanigel

Started with these books and I never regretted the hobby I took back then :)

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